Textbooks Africa on The Arnette Report

Wede Gibson, Founder and President of Textbooks Africa, recently appeared on the The Arnette Report to discuss Textbooks Africa and the work it does. Wede and Jeff Arnette discussed Textbooks Africa’s origins, its mission and how it accomplishes it, and the demand for educational materials in many African countries. During the interview, Wede also emphasized the intimate relationship Textbooks Africa has with the schools receiving the educational materials, adding that three of Textbooks Africa’s board members are originally African. Wede went on to proudly note that Textbooks Africa has a “door to door” policy when shipping materials in that it ensures our shipments get to the targeted areas safely and in a timely manner.

Wede’s appearance with Jeff on The Arnette Report was a great opportunity for Textbooks Africa to tell others about the work we do. Moreover, it gave us the chance to examine with Jeff some of the obstacles Textbooks Africa runs into when trying to accomplish its mission, notably a lack of funds and storage space. In concern to both challenges, we at Textbooks Africa are constantly looking for partnerships and sponsorships of any degree.

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