A Note of Congratulations to One of our Own

Textbooks Africa and its members don’t just work to improve societies across the world, but they also do so in their own communities. Today, it is our privilege to announce that George Alber, Vice President of Textbooks Africa, long-time resident of Fairfax County, Virginia, and outstanding member of his County’s NAACP, was appointed to the Fairfax County Human Rights Commission over the...

Textbooks Africa’s Ghana Shipment

Textbooks Africa rang in the New Year with a shipment of school supplies, including totes, math and reading books, coloring books, and coloring utensils to Pre-Kindergarten children living in Buduburam refugee camp, Ghana. Buduburam refugee camp, a camp just outside Ghana’s capital city of Accra, was setup in by the UNHCR in 1990 as a result of the First Liberian Civil War. The camp has provided...

Textbooks Africa on The Arnette Report

  Wede Gibson, Founder and President of Textbooks Africa, recently appeared on the The Arnette Report to discuss Textbooks Africa and the work it does. Wede and Jeff Arnette discussed Textbooks Africa’s origins, its mission and how it accomplishes it, and the demand for educational materials in many African countries. During the interview, Wede also emphasized the intimate relationship Textbooks...

The Road Ahead

A few years ago the United Nations put forth a proposal for Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs)  which are described as a set of “action-oriented, concise and easy to communicate” to help promote sustainable development. Sustainable development goals contain over ten goals covering a broad range of global issues.  These goals are expected to form part of the United Nations agenda...

Youth Contributions to Textbooks Africa

Youth Contributions to Textbooks Africa Recently, Daniel Caracciolo, a student at Paul VI Catholic High School (PVI), helped collect, inventory, pack, and unload approximately ninety boxes of school supplies such as books and athletic apparel for children in Africa from PVI and St. Timothy’s (STS)! Additionally, he collected twenty-four basketballs, twenty-four soccer balls, ten lacrosse balls, and various uniforms for sports such as...

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