Textbooks Africa is a 501c3 non-profit that collects and ships textbooks, library books and supplies to schoolchildren and teachers in Africa. The organization was founded by Wede Gibson, a native of Liberia and a former teacher there now living in Northern Virginia.

In the early 1990s, during the height of Liberia’s civil war, Wede was a mathematics teacher and dean of students at St. Teresa’s Convent School, a girls’ school in Monrovia that she had attended. Among her many challenges: Putting textbooks into the hands of students eager for education.

After immigrating to the United States and settling in Northern Virginia, Wede was astonished to learn that most textbooks often are discarded and sent for recycling.

Moved to action, she collected enough used books and supplies to fill and ship two 20-foot containers in 2003. This shipment benefited several schools in Liberia. Wede shipped these containers with the help of a few friends and the Society of Missions to Africa (SMA).

Wede GibsonShe recently began collecting used textbooks, computers and school supplies with the help of her former classmate Brenda Bedell. Initially, she focused on St. Teresa’s. But the overwhelming response of other students and teachers in Liberia and here in the United States, together with her concern for the environment, led her to found Textbooks Africa. The nonprofit’s goal is to ship sea containers with sets of textbooks for schoolchildren in Africa that are appropriate for their grade level and subject matter.

Board of Directors

Wede Gibson
Founder & President
HR Director, Cuisine Solutions Inc.

Brenda Bedell
Accounting Manager, Apple Federal Credit Union

Tariro Chingaya, CA
Assurance Manager, BDO USA, LLP

George Alber
George Alber
Vice President
Business Development,
Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind
Accepting applications for Board Directors
Contact info@textbooksafrica.org for details.
Expectations of board members: attend board meetings; help communicate and promote Textbooks Africa’s mission; become familiar with Textbooks Africa financial/resource needs; be responsible for/share responsibility with other Board Member(s); raising money for Textbooks Africa in any of the following ways:
  • Making an annual personal financial contribution.
  • Securing corporate sponsorship for a Textbooks Africa event.
  • Planning an annual fundraising event that will be financially beneficial to the organization.


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