A Note of Congratulations to One of our Own

George AlberTextbooks Africa and its members don’t just work to improve societies across the world, but they also do so in their own communities. Today, it is our privilege to announce that George Alber, Vice President of Textbooks Africa, long-time resident of Fairfax County, Virginia, and outstanding member of his County’s NAACP, was appointed to the Fairfax County Human Rights Commission over the Christmas holiday season.

When George joined the NAACP in early 2014, he dove right in and quickly found his niche. Since joining the NAACP, George has served as Chair of the 2015 Nominating Committee, as the Branch’s representative to the Fairfax County Meals Tax Referendum Task Force, and as a member of the Branch Legal Redress Committee. In addition to being a member of the Recruitment, Diversity, and Vetting Subcommittee in support of the Fairfax County Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission, Alber has been leading the Branch’s advocacy campaign to change the name of J.E.B. Stuart High School since July 2015.

George’s work at the NAACP, Textbooks Africa, and now the FairFax County Human Rights Commission inspires those in his community and those he works alongside. When George was notified of his appointment to the Fairfax County Human Rights Commission, he said:

I am honored to have been appointed to the Human Rights Commission.  I am committed to helping to fulfill the Commission’s mission in Fairfax County:   “to institute an affirmative human rights program of positive efforts to eliminate discrimination and provide citizen recourse for discriminatory acts.”

We at Textbooks Africa are unable to properly express how lucky we feel to have George at our sides. He motivates us every day and we wish him the best of luck with his new appointment at the Human Rights Commission.

For the full press release announcing George’s new appointment, see here! 

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